NCTF Skin Boosters

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NCTF Skin Boosters

NCTF is a sterile non-cross linked hyaluronic acid with a cocktail of over 50 amino acids, co-enzymes and nucleic acids, minerals and anti-oxidants designed to boost cellular function and may assist with promoting smoother skin, hydration, radiance, tonicity and homogeneity.

NCTF BOOST 135 HA is a unique anti-aging, poly-revitalising complex that promotes an optimal environment for epidermal fibroblasts to produce collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid. The application is via a specially designed 3 prong ceramic cannula device that delivers the serum at 0.6mm injections and is especially beneficial for the crepey skin under the eyes and neck. Topical anaesthetic is applied prior to this service to assist with client comfort. Results are based on 3 treatments at fortnightly intervals”

Dionne Hayes

Your Registered Nurse

Dionne is a long term resident of the Sunshine Coast and a Registered Nurse with over 20 years of experience in acute care including ICU. Her transition into medical aesthetics is driven by her desire to help her clients achieve their desired look and feel confident within themselves by using techniques and products with proven efficacy and safety.

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